Trialling Swallow Fish Kipper Kedgeree From Ramus Seafood

October 7th, 2015

Back in 2011, I blogged about some of my favourite kippers from Northumberland.  After tasting kippers from Craster and Seahouses, I found those from Swallow Fish in Seahouses my favourite. So I was really happy to have a go at making the Swallow Fish Kipper Kedgeree from Ramus Seafood’s new fish boxes. Sophie had, also, been […]

STEENBERGS TEA TASTER PANEL Morning Brew herbal tea & organic Fairtrade Earl Grey Tea

October 5th, 2015

Our tea taster panel had a delicious choice of teas this time, with a delicate organic Fairtrade Earl Grey and one of our new herbal tea blends, Morning Brew.  We had some great comments on both teas, although 63% of you did prefer the Earl Grey.  Read on to find out more… STEENBERGS MORNING BREW […]

My Thoughts on Wages of Tea Pickers in India

September 26th, 2015

I have prevaricated about writing about the recent BBC investigation into conditions on some Assam tea estates, but felt that I really had to write something.  I did give a 2 minute response on BBC Radio York, but that was a tongue-tied minute or two. I was dismayed by the conditions and experiences of tea workers […]

Top 5 teas chosen by Sophie

September 18th, 2015

    We drink a  lot of loose leaf tea here at Steenbergs. All of us tend to change around our favourites depending on the weather or our moods. Currently I’m favouring tea without milk and my current favourite picks are: Morning Brew – this caffeine free herbal infusion is the way Sophie starts each morning, with […]

SPICE TASTER PANEL – Nasi Goreng & organic Lemon Extract

September 16th, 2015

Our spice tasters were in for a treat this time and a real test of their ingenuity, with not only the Asian spice blend Nasi Goreng but also our natural organic Lemon Extract which can be used for both sweet & savoury cooking. NASI GORENG Steenbergs Nasi Goreng spice mix is Steenbergs’ take on the […]

Autumnal Colours In North Yorkshire

September 13th, 2015

I have always liked autumn.  The weather is cooler than summer, or at least in theory – this year’s been a washout. But I also like harvest time and autumnal colours.  The corn is in from most fields around us, the apples are turning a russet colour and the elderberries are a deep black, hanging […]

Date and Masala Chai Smoothie

September 11th, 2015

Back to school this month, so we’re back to smoothies to kick start the day. The base tends to be the same – an almond and coconut milk, banana and chai spices mix.  To this, I add flax seeds, almond butter or tahini, then some superfood like acai  or maca powder.  For sweetener, I like […]

Quick Quinoa And Halloumi Salad – Great Picnic Food

September 4th, 2015

Sophie recently been reminded of quinoa and a salad I made for a picnic earlier this summer.  We originally ate it together with several other salads and a whole array of other cold foods. This quinoa salad has a lovely crunch and warm, nutty taste, which is balanced by the fresh flavours of the herbs and […]

Yoghurt, Raspberries With Granola For Breakfast

August 28th, 2015

This summer I’ve been having Yoghurt, Raspberries and Granola for breakfast rather than smoothies.  This is what it says in the tin, i.e. fresh raspberries, yoghurt and then some home-made granola sprinkled over the top.  I guess I am trying to pretend it’s a real summertime despite the massive thunderstorm and the rain chucking it […]

Steenbergs Spice Taster Panel: organic Garam Masala & Madras Curry

August 26th, 2015

Recently our taster panel had the joy of trying out 2 different spice blends: Madras Curry and Garam Masala.    Curries are very popular in British homes and Steenbergs aims to create authentic yet versatile curry blends to make enjoying Indian cuisine deliciously easy. Madras Curry is a medium hot curry powder, blended to be used […]