24 June 2023

Meet the team: Dace

Meet our cake-loving team member Dace who's been with us for 9 years

Meet the team: Dace

Job at Steenbergs: Bit of everything but day to day picking and packing orders from small to medium sized shops and tea packing and blending. 

How long have you worked for Steenbergs? Nearly 9 years

Favourite Steenbergs product and why? Perfect salt, because it's perfect on everything!

Who would you like to have supper with?  Sims, my dog, as would like to chat with him as so far he has never given me an answer I don’t like.

What would be your desert island meal/favourite meal? Cake, cake, cake 

Most surprising thing you’ve learnt at Steenbergs? Who knew there were so many spices for cooking? Before I came here I’d only used (or heard of) salt, pepper, cinnamon, bay and chilli! (Also found lots of new teas to drink)

Thing you most do for the environment? Less waste, reuse packaging where possible to protect parcels and recycle as much as possible.