Data Protection

Collecting customer details

We accept and understand this is a very tricky area and we try to act responsibly and honestly in everything we do, which includes how we handle customer information provided to Steenbergs during your interactions with us. We have prepared the following information to give some background as to what we do. This should be read in conjunction with Steenbergs’ “Privacy Policy” and “User’s Agreement”. For further information on the use of "cookies" on the Steenbergs websites, please refer to Steenbergs' "Cookie Policy". If you need further details or have any issues, please call us on 01765 640 088 and we will deal with these quickly and sensitively.

For advice on protecting your privacy when online, please refer to the Information Commisioner’s Office (“ICO”) at or look at

Data use within Steenbergs

At Steenbergs, we collect data relating to our customers during the ordering process. We do need as much information as possible during the ordering stage, including telephone numbers and emails, because this helps with order queries and delivery, because sometimes the address is incomplete or the delivery business cannot find your address or we need to be able to help you in tracking down a parcel that has gone astray.

To obtain the Steenbergs' newsletter, you must actively subscribe to the newsletter through the subscription option on the website.  Through the newsletter, Steenbergs undertakes direct marketing by electronic mail, which enables us to provide you with information about new products that we have launched, competitions, offers or recipe ideas. We do not send out these email newsletters regularly, usually not more than 4 in a year.  

The control of your personal data provided by you when ordering, setting up an account or subscribing to the email newsletter is controlled by Engage Interactive Limited (“Engage”), which is registered at the ICO under number Z2963649.  Engage operates our newsletter marketing system under this registration.

However, if you do not want to hear from Steenbergs, we are fine with that as well and so we give you several ways to prevent future contacts being made by electronic mail (we do not contact our customers directly by phone, by post or in any other ways save where required to expedite orders during the sales order and delivery phase and to verify customers and so protect Steenbergs from fraudulent activity):

● If you receive a newsletter, but do not wish future contacts to be made, you can then either click on the automated unsubscribe button or call us on 01765 640 088 and we will immediately expunge your details from the database held at Engage;

● At any time, you can contact Steenbergs by an email sent to or by calling us on 01765 640 088 and we will immediately expunge your details from the database held at Engage.

For orders by individuals that are made by telephone, letter or verbally, no personal data is retained beyond that required for accounting and order fulfilment purposes, and the data is never used by Steenbergs for marketing purposes, nor is it given, sold or passed on to any other individual or organisation for any purposes whatsoever.  All information (save that which is needed for accounting and tax purposes) is destroyed by a confidential shredding business, currently Shred-it.

With regards to online payments, these are undertaken through Paypal and Stripe, which are online payments businesses that are separate from Steenbergs. More information regarding Paypal is available at, and more information regarding Stripe is available at The information that you provide to them is required for credit checking purposes and to determine whether purchases are genuine and not fraudulent, as unfortunately fraudulent purchases are attempted and we have been a victim of such on several occasions. Paypal and Stripe stores and uses that information within their business and it is managed separately from Steenbergs. You should contact them about how they manage their data if it relates to the Paypal and Stripe components of Steenbergs' website.

Steenbergs believes that it is exempt from registration with the ICO as it is not the data controller in relation to customer data provided. Should you wish to check or alter your personal information held by Engage, you can contact us and we will pass on your request or you can contact them directly at 0113 457 4090 or visit their website Steenbergs has, also, registered with the ICO under number Z3175919.

Final Word

Over and above this, if you want alternatives to following the soft opt-in route, while on Steenbergs’ web site, you could provide a dummy telephone number, such as “000”, and/or use an email address that you only use for online purchases and so has been depersonalised (notwithstanding the fact that if you had declined future contacts, Steenbergs would not or could not contact you). However, if you do not give us all relevant information, we might not be able to expedite delivery if there are order or address queries. Finally, telephone or other offline orders are, also, made by a number of customers as an alternative way of placing orders, however this might not give you the same data protections that might be available under the Acts were you to make the order online via the website.