02 April 2024

Meet the Team - Kristina

Meet our lovely team member Kristina, who's in charge of the beautifully packaged parcels you receive

Meet the Team - Kristina

Job at Steenbergs: Kristina’s main job is parcelling consumer orders and she loves making bags up and making them attractive. Of course there are other things she helps out whenever she has a moment.

How long have you worked for Steenbergs? She has worked with us for at least 8 years.

Favourite Steenbergs product and why? 

Perfect Salt because use can use it in everything savoury. I also love our Rose and Bergamot tea.

Any top tips for cooking or storing spices: 

To not be scared to try out new spices and herbs.

Which famous person would you like to have supper with? 

I wouldn’t have supper with any famous person but I would have supper with my past relatives.

What would be your desert island meal/favourite meal?  

My favourite food would be roast lamb, red wine, olives, blue cheese, cake with Rose and Bergamot tea.

Most surprising thing you’ve learnt at Steenbergs: 

How many different spices there are and how easy they are to use. How many different teas there are not just English breakfast or green tea.

Thing you most do for the environment?

How me and my family have all learnt to separate rubbish to their designated spots.