08 August 2023

Meet the team: Katrina

Meet the team: Katrina

Job at Steenbergs: Helps in finishing, setting and printing product labels, just in the middle of resetting all our labels for the redesign.

How long have you worked for Steenbergs? Nearly 9 years - OMG

Favourite Steenbergs product and why? Organic Cumin and Organic cardamom – they smell divine (have crushed pods and put them in oil burner before now)

Any top tips for cooking or storing spices? In a cool dark space (pictured above my spice and condiments area) 

Which famous person (past or present) would you like to have supper with? Michael Palin

What would be your desert island meal/favourite meal? Wensleydale cheese, (nice) crackers and real butter

What's the most surprising thing you’ve learnt at Steenbergs? That nutmeg and mace come from the same plant

What thing do you most do for the environment? Sold thirsty car and bought a smaller, more green car, as well as using an e-bike