23 October 2023

Three new recipes from Sabrina Ghayour's Flavour cookbook

Three new recipes from Sabrina Ghayour's Flavour cookbook

Following the publication of FLAVOUR, the latest cookbook from award-winning Middle Eastern chef Sabrina Ghayour, we're delighted to be able to share three of the delicious recipes with you. They are all packed with aromatic spices and Middle Eastern flavours and are simple and straightforward to make at home. Sabrina has also been keen to emphasise the versatility of the recipes to suit everyone's budgets, tastes and most importantly, what's in the cupboard!

“Flavour is such an important element of my cooking. No matter what food I make, or where or what I eat, taste is everything. To me, flavour is comfort, satisfaction and even nostalgia, but importantly, it never has to be complicated, heavy-handed or extreme. Life is too short to eat bland food; sometimes a little seasoning, a flourish of herbs or a squeeze of lemon or drizzle of honey is all it takes to really elevate an otherwise simple dish into something that suddenly bursts with big, bold flavour.” SABRINA GHAYOUR


"Sweet potatoes are wonderfully versatile and their natural sweetness makes them a perfect match for spices and other aromatic flavours. You can rely on the ras el hanout spice blend to do most of the work here – just roast the sweet potatoes, add a simple tahini yogurt and serve with a quick herb oil, pine nuts and pomegranate seeds." 


"One of the most classic Persian accompaniments is the whole flame-roasted tomato. A staple served with every kebab, it’s simply made by placing a whole tomato on a charcoal grill and roasting until the skin is somewhat charred in parts and the soft flesh inside is bursting with juices. This dish is inspired by my love for the roasted tomato, but reimagined for indoor cooking. Served with labneh (which Persians serve with everything) and a little spice oil for adding depth and flavour, it really is a wonderful dish and perfect alongside roasted or barbecued meats and vegetables."


"When I want to feed people, I like to make a wide array of dishes including fatayer, but I don’t always have time to make fresh pastry. So shop-bought pastry is the way forward and I rather like the lighter, flaky nature of puff pastry – the traditional fatayer, while perfectly delicious, has a chewier, somewhat weightier pastry dough. Now, I know the spice mix here looks excessive, but it is authentic, so do yourself a favour and double (or quadruple) the batch to save time when you next make these, because these little puffs are utterly delicious and you will definitely want to make them again."

We're delighted to be partnering with Sabrina to produce a special collection of flavour bomb spice blends which complement all of her recipes. The spice blends have been created by Sabrina and hand blended by Steenbergs in our eco factory in North Yorkshire. Choose from Flavour, Bazaar or Persiana, the iconic blend from the cover of her first cookbook. 

Flavour by Sabrina Ghayour is published by Aster (£26)

Photography by Kris Kirkham