31 May 2023

Meet our stockist - Valley Organics Workers Coop

Meet our stockist - Valley Organics Workers Coop

We’re so lucky to have lots of lovely Steenbergs stockists all over the country who champion organic food and farming and strive to make organic produce available to all. 

Our highlighted stockist this month is Valley Organics Worker’s Co-op, based in Hebden Bridge in the Calder Valley. We chatted to Sophie, one of the 9 cooperative members, about the business and her favourite Steenbergs products! 

Who are Valley Organics and where are you based?

Valley Organics Worker’s Co-op has a decade’s experience in providing good quality, ethically-sourced organic fruit, vegetables, wholefoods, and chilled and frozen goods – locally grown and produced wherever possible. We also offer a wide range of household and bodycare products, including a refill service and a selection of zero-waste lifestyle items. Most of our food is vegetarian- and vegan-friendly.

We run our business in a value-driven way, through co-operative decision making and an equal pay scheme. Our members and employees come from a range of backgrounds, including organic farming, business development and community work. What we all have in common is a passion for supporting local growers and producers, reducing food miles and helping the local economy.

As well as our shop on Market Street in Hebden Bridge, in the beautiful Calder Valley, we have an organic veg box delivery service and an online shop that offers both delivery and collection services (https://valleyorganicsdeliveries.co.uk).

What are your business aims?

Our aims are to:

  • provide good quality, ethically sourced organic produce that you can trust
  • promote healthy, raw ingredients
  • reduce, re-use and recycle wherever possible
  • promote local food, support the local economy and reduce food miles
  • support producers who are changing food systems for the better
  • increase understanding of the issues around food production
  • pay ourselves a living wage
  • be a positive example of a workers' co-op and support other local co-ops
  • develop and implement a clear ethical policy
  • bring some fun into buying food!

Which Steenbergs products do you stock?

In terms of Steenbergs products, we carry a whole array of the spices and blends, along with some flower waters, and natural flavourings. We are adding new products to the shelves each time we order. 

Do you have any favourite Steenbergs products?

From a personal point of view, I am very excited that we are now stocking Steenbergs as I used to be on your taster panel some years ago. The flavours and consistent quality of your products means I am always keen to recommend them to customers. Personal favourites are your Harissa with Rose and the Ras Al-Hanut. I've just bought a Steenbergs Peppermint Extract for the first time and am planning to make some peppermint creams when I next need a treat!