How to Store Tea

Loose Leaf Organic tea can be best kept for a longer period if stored at room temperature, in a dry place, closed within the packaging, within its original box or a tea caddy and away from strong smells.

Keep your Steenbergs organic leaf teas in a metal tin or tea caddy, but never in the packet or bag you bought it in. Store your organic tea out of direct sunlight or excessive heat. There are 2 main ways to damage your tea.

Leaf organic tea likes neither damp conditions nor sunlight. Never store tea in the fridge or freezer. Under these conditions, organic tea should last for at least a year. Organic tea kept well should not spoil but may lose flavour over time. The type of organic Fairtrade tea does make a difference - the tighter the roll of the leaf, for example in an organic green gunpowder tea, the longer the shelf life. Generally, flavoured teas, like organic  Earl Grey, or organic Jasmine tea, have the shortest shelf life, followed by organic green tea, organic oolong then organic black teas.