13 April 2022

Meet the Team: Sophie Steenberg

Find out more about Sophie, co-founder of Steenbergs, and her favourite Steenbergs products...

Meet the Team: Sophie Steenberg

1. How long have you worked for Steenbergs? 

Since the beginning in 2003.

2. Favourite product and why? 

A bit tricky to answer as have been involved with them all, it’s like being asked to choose between your children!  However some of the ones I use everyday – Steenbergs organic perfect salt – just our go-to seasoning before we think about the rest; Steenbergs organic happy hippy loose leaf herbal tea – a floral tea that for me signals the end of the day, the first thing I drink as I walk through the door at home; Steenbergs Organic English Breakfast tea – the tea that all of us at Steenbergs drink through the day; Steenbergs organic Fairtrade vanilla extract – very much at the heart of everything we do at Steenbergs; Steenbergs organic smoked paprika (the intensity of the flavour, aroma and colour of this just always blows me away) I could obviously go on...

3. Any top tips for cooking or storing spices 

They don’t like moisture, sunlight and extremes of heat and cold. Be careful when using garlic powder or onion powder or anything with either of them in if moisture gets in (be it a steamy kitchen, damp fingers of damp spoons) then it will become more solid. 

4. Which famous person (past or present) would you like to have supper with? 

I’ve struggled with this one as I love talking to lots of different people, anyone who has a passion and interest and is interested in sharing it, whether it be authors, people who have set up their own business and those who are flying the environment flag. However I suppose to have an interesting dialogue it would have to be someone who is talking about their life through food or has done something truly amazing for the environment. I find it difficult to name just one. 

5. What would be your desert island meal/favourite meal? 

I love simple fresh ingredients rather than rich ones, we cook a lot of curries and when Axel is cooking one of his curry feasts we are all excited. I also love meals that have lots of dishes so curries definitely go into that zone with lots of different tempting flavours.