05 April 2022

Supplier Focus: Felix Reverte for organic paprika and saffron

Supplier Focus: Felix Reverte for organic paprika and saffron

One of the first suppliers that Steenbergs used for paprika and saffron was Felix Reverte SA, based in Murcia, southeast Spain and we continue to work with them nearly 20 years on. 

Another independent family business, Felix Reverte was founded in 1880 by Pascual Reverte and continues to be run by the Reverte family today. They share the same values as Steenbergs for sustainability and organic agriculture working with companies such as SEO Birdlife to conserve the fauna and biodiversity within its plantations and using 100% green energy from solar power. 

Felix Reverte prides itself on the quality of its products and supplies Steenbergs with organic paprika, organic smoked paprika, saffron and organic chilli powder.

We asked Daniel, joint CEO of Felix Reverte with his brother Rafa, why he was so passionate about organic farming…

Why did you believe in organic farming?

Organic farming (especially Paprika & Saffron), besides producing more healthy food with no pesticides and protecting our farmland for our future generations, is preserving the authentic indigenous varieties which are well adapted to our climate resulting in premium pure Paprika and Saffron of excellent quality that you will never find in conventional farming. I believe that the success of our Organic Paprika is its quality, besides being organic.

Why is the area around Murcia such a good growing area for Saffron & Paprika?

Murcia and the surrounding area has a perfect climate for Paprika growing. The Paprika plant requires plenty of sun and a little salty land that makes peppers mature better and with a long colour stability. 

Saffon cultivation is mainly in La Mancha and soil and extreme climate make this a perfect place to grow saffron bulbs. 

What is your favourite time of year?

Definitely summer is my favourite season. Mediterranean seaside, especially in Mazarrón (Murcia) were we spent our childhood summers is a paradise if you have a boat.

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