07 December 2020

All I want for Christmas is an E-cookbook!

All I want for Christmas is an E-cookbook!

Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with many different chefs, cooks and recipe creators and have been delighted to see their creations using our spices, herbs and home baking ingredients. In this digital age many of us now access recipes online, hence the rising popularity of the e-cookbook: a quick and easy way to keep all of your favourite recipes ready to go at the tap of a button.

Susie from Gourmet Glow has produced 2 e-books recently: Jackfruit: A Global Feast and more recently Fireside Flavours. Jackfruit: A Global Feast is a celebration of all things jackfruit with a cornucopia of savoury and sweet recipes. Fireside Flavours is the perfect book for this time of year with a whole host of fabulous recipes, starting off with a Pumpkin Spice Espresso Martini, followed by savoury delights like Yuzu & Black Pepper Turkey Wontons and finishing with sweet treats such as Fig, Pink Peppercorn and Dark Chocolate Panettone. 20% of all profits of this book go to the charity MIND so it’s for a great cause too.

Niki from Nikibakes helped us devise a unique Korean spice blend a couple of years ago and has subsequently used her knowledge and passion for Korean food to create her own e-book: NikiBakes Around Asia. All of the recipes are gluten free and dairy free and are a great showcase of Asian cuisine. They include recipes such as: chicken yakitori, yakisoba, Kung Pao Chicken, Kimchi and Singaporean Noodles. Niki says about her book: "This is not a fad diet e-book and not aimed at losing weight quickly, it’s simply a piece of me that I wanted to share with you and that is eating good food, naturally.

The Devilled Egg is an online cookery school well-known for its online tutorials and masterclasses. Their new recipe collection features more than 50 wonderful dishes that will bring warmth and flavour to your home this Christmas. “We have taken care to design recipes which are easy to follow and which do not require elaborate equipment. And whilst there are some more advanced options in there, this collection has something for everyone.” Excitingly, you will also receive a 3 month access to The Devilled Egg’s online cookery school with your purchase from the Steenbergs website.

Millie Gardener's Recipe E-book features 10 essential spices for making easy (plant-based) food taste delicious! 'Hot & Spicy' includes 24 simple recipes organised into breakfast, main meals, lighter meals and snacks. Using a combination of 10 core spices, these recipes are great for anyone who is new to cooking or looking for some plant-based inspiration! You can also buy the 10 spices you need for the book HERE.

The benefits of e-books are the ease with which they can be accessed, read and used, as well as the fact that they are often a lot cheaper than hard copies. With seasonal, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, plant based and Christmas all covered above we’re sure you’ll find something tickle your taste-buds!

Happy cooking!