09 November 2020

Organic Matcha Tea - Making & Baking

Making & Baking with organic Matcha tea

Organic Matcha Tea - Making & Baking

Where does Matcha tea come from?

Steenbergs Organic Matcha Tea is a green tea grown in the Nishio area of Japan, the traditional heartland of Matcha Tea growing, and has been a traditional drink for Japanese Zen Buddhist monks and the Japanese Imperial Family for hundreds of years. 

Why is Matcha Tea so good for you?Matcha madeleines

Matcha tea leaves are grown in a way that produces extra amounts of chlorphyll and natural amino acids through growing the tea plants under cover.  These special Organic Matcha Tea Leaves are picked and then ground down to a bright green fine powder.

Organic Matcha Tea is highly regarded for its health properties due to its relatively high levels of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and nutrients.

How to prepare Matcha Tea

Preheat the matcha bowl with hot water and place the whisk with prongs facing down into the water to wet them.   Set the wet whisk aside and measure out 70ml (approx. 2.3oz) of hot water into a measuring cup and leave to cool.   Measure about 1tsp of Steenbergs organic matcha tea powder and place it into the bowl.  Once the water drops to 70-80C/158-176F, pour into the matcha bowl.  Using the whisk, whisk in a zig-zag motion until the matcha has a thick froth with many tiny bubbles on the surface.

Baking with Matcha

Aside from the fabulous health benefits of Matcha tea, the vibrant green colour is a natural colourant and can be added to baking to create a striking effect. It is also easy to add to smoothies & lattes as the fine powder mixes in really easily.

Here are a couple of recipes that we tried with Matcha tea, both based on recipes from Puff the Bakery.

Firstly Brown Butter and Honey Madeleines made with an additional 2 tsp of Matcha tea. These were light and fluffy with a delicate taste of Matcha, but mainly the caramelised notes from the honey and browned butter.

Secondly as a bit of a showstopper, we used Matcha Tea to flavour and colour a swiss roll. The green colour contrasted perfectly with the pale cream and red strawberries and the taste was subtle yet grown up.

We also have a recipe on our website for Matcha Chocolate cupcakes which are really delicious.

Why not try adding a little of the beneficial powder to your baking and let us know how you get on.