29 May 2024

20 Years On at Steenbergs

20 years of Steenbergs and what we are all about.

20 Years On at Steenbergs

We've been looking through some of the archives of Steenbergs for the past 20 years. We may have started in a smaller unit and grown into baking extracts and loose leaf teas as well as spices but we are still the same founders and runners of the business and we still believe in great quality organic spices and flavours, blended and packed in the UK, with the environment and sustainability at the heart of the business.

Don't just take our word for it:

ORGANIC is a legal status and we get certified as does the whole supply chain every year from the original farm to us and we have been since we started in 2003. We are certified by Organic Food Federation 

FAIRTRADE is carefully monitored but there is an important difference between carrying the Fairtrade Mark which is independently verified and just saying you are Fairtrade. Steenbergs may be small but that didn't stop us being the first spices to carry the Fairtrade Mark in the UK. (Both Old Hamlet and Steenbergs are our brands)

B-Corp, doing good through business. An organisation that appreciates that we can all do our part to improve the environment, community, through the options that we make in our business. Meeting high standards of social and environmental performance through the choices we make as a business. There are now 2,000 organisations in the UK who are B-Corp certified in all types of business. Steenbergs was awarded a Best for the World for the Environment in 2021, which means we were in the top 5% of all B Corp organisations for the environment.

THE ENVIRONMENT, we say we do lots of things and we do, this is audited under BS 8555:2016 and certified under by Tarian Inspection under their Seren Scheme.

Steenbergs is a member of SEDEX.  Sedex is a collaborative forum for buyers, suppliers and auditors to store and share information, and manage performance on labour rights, health and safety, the environment and business ethics.  Sedex is not a standard setting body, but is a sign of Steenbergs' willingness to share data and use information to manage and improve ethical standards in the supply chain. 

VEGAN Steenbergs Home Baking Flavours are registered with The Vegan Society as being suitable for vegans.  The rest of Steenbergs products are also plant-based, vegetarian and vegan, but they have not been registered as such.