30 April 2019

Sabrina Ghayour’s Cookbook Launch - Vibrant Vegetarian Recipes from Bazaar

A celebration of vibrant vegetables, Sabrina Ghayour's latest cookbook Bazaar is filled with delicious colourful vegetarian dishes.

Sabrina Ghayour’s Cookbook Launch - Vibrant Vegetarian Recipes from Bazaar

Sabrina’s fourth cookbook is a celebration of vibrant vegetables and whilst Sabrina is not necessarily advocating a vegetarian lifestyle, she shows us fabulously creative ways to make vegetables more exciting and interesting, as more and more people chose to eat less meat.

The book is full of colourful recipes filled with spices and herbs, taking the humble vegetable to the next level. Who knew that a Kale & Cabbage Kuku could be so light and delicious or that you could use Harissa to flavour pasta dough?

But it’s not all brassicas and legumes…there are also cheeky cocktails (have you ever tried a Turmeric, Lemon and Vodka Cooler?), indulgent desserts and enticing cakes to try. So do give it a go – it’s a great way to eat your 5-a-day!

Here at Steenbergs we are delighted to have helped Sabrina (in a very small way!) with the promotion of her new cookbook, with a few promotional activities to share the joy of vegetables.

Q&A with Sabrina

  1. What are the spices that you cannot do without?
    • Black pepper, chilli, cinnamon 
  2. What would you recommend to do with sumac?
    • Make it into butter compounds for white meat and fish, add it to salads, sprinkle it onto soups, use it instead of lemon juice on delicate white fish, use it in spice rubs and pastes for meat and fish. The list is endless
  3. What would your desert island meal be?
    • Definitely barbecued seafood with lots of spicy dipping sauces and garlic butter 
  4. What is your favourite place in Yorkshire?
    • Home in North Yorkshire. My garden is my own little slice of paradise. 

Recipe Cards and Stickers

Some of you will have received a bonus in your Steenbergs order recently – an exclusive recipe card from Bazaar! We were delighted to highlight one of Sabrina’s delicious recipes and you’ll also see an ‘as featured in Bazaar’ sticker on some of the key spices that feature in the book: sumac, nigella seeds, turmeric, oregano, pul biber/Aleppo chilli flakes, and cinnamon.

Lunch at The Durham Ox

Sabrina gave a fascinating talk and Q&A at The Durham Ox on Thursday 25th April, talking all about her new home in Yorkshire, her desert island dish of fresh seafood and multiple uses for sumac.

We were delighted to give everyone who attended a goody bag filled with a recipe card for Sabrina’s Chickpea and Vegetable Koftas with Tahini Sauce, a sample of Steenbergs loose leaf tea and jar of Steenbergs Sumac.

Here are some of the delights that we enjoyed for lunch, including (among other gorgeous goodies): Aubergine & caramelised Onion Kuku; Butternut, Feta & Chilli Rolls; and Dark Chocolate & Cherry Sheet Bake. All cooked by the team at the Durham Ox and featured in the new cookbook Bazaar.


Competition Time!

We’re very lucky to have been given a signed copy of Bazaar which we will be giving away to one lucky person. We’ll be launching the competition via our newsletter on Thursday so be sure to enter for a chance to win!

For more information on Sabrina, do visit her website or follow her on any of the popular social media sites for top tips and lovely recipes. 

Sophie Steenberg,Sasha Ibbotson, Sabrina Ghayour & Mike Ibbotson at The Durham Ox