03 June 2019

Hot N Spicy plant-based recipes for easy student cooking

Fabulous new ebook of 'Hot N Spicy' recipes using 10 essential Steenbergs spices

Hot N Spicy plant-based recipes for easy student cooking

We're delighted to introduce Millie Gardner and her new ebook Hot N Spicy - 10 essential spices for easy (plant-based) student cooking. It's a fabulous compilation of 24 of Millie's own recipes and photos, highlighting healthy, easy to prepare recipes that are beautifully seasoned with spices and packed full of flavour.

Tell us a little more about yourself...

I am a student at Falmouth University in Cornwall, studying Fine Art with just one more year to go! I've always loved creating and exploring through my senses; colours, shapes, textures tend to attract me in the 'art world' as is the same with taste and smell when I am experimenting with flavours in kitchen. Currently, I am designing the interior of my converted Ford Transit and looking forward to doing much more travelling and experiencing new places, new sights and new food! 

What gave you the idea for the book?

I’ve always really enjoyed the idea of proving that meals without meat or dairy products don’t have to be dull and boring. Drawing inspiration from my mum and aunt, who are fantastic at spicing up plant-based meals, I wanted to explore and present various recipes which are creative in their combinations and flavours! Hopefully ‘Hot N Spicy’ may encourage people to explore meal ideas that are delicious, naturally affordable and simple- which just so happen to not include animal products.

What’s your favourite recipe from the book and why?

The ‘Buddha Bowl’ is a strong favourite in our family home as it is so adaptable and thought of as a real crowd-pleaser. There are endless combinations to try and is an opportunity to use up anything you have left in the fridge. Being that it’s base is a grain, the ‘Buddha Bowl’ is not only extremely affordable, but you just feel so satisfied after it!

Are you planning any more cookbooks?

I am actually in the process of converting a 2011 Ford Transit into a short-term living alternative for summer trips abroad. Due to space limitations amongst other things, we’ll only have a two-hob gas cooker to make our meals with. This presents certain limitations but an excellent challenge for creating minimalistic, quick and incredibly simple meals…may this be an invitation for ‘Hot N Spicy-Camping Edition’?

Do you think that students are becoming more interested in healthy eating? Are more moving towards vegetarianism/veganism?

I think the world as a whole is changing perspective on healthier eating and reducing their intake of animal products. From my observations, many students are tuned in to the impact of meat & dairy industries on the planet and are responding by pledging to be more conscious eaters and consumers. Additionally, whole foods (such as vegetables, grains and canned legumes) are often much more affordable than other alternatives- making plant-based meals extremely cost-effective for students on a budget, like myself!

Who would you most like to have dinner with and why?

I’m fairly obsessed with the artist Katherine Bernhardt who creates huge paintings of contemporary subjects or objects. She uses amazing colours and her pieces are just really fun and interesting. I would love the chance to speak with her about her inspiration drawn from travelling and experience being an artist in New York City. Judging by her art she’s a very loud and funny character-perfect for sharing a dinner with!

To try out one of Millie's recipes, take a look at the delicious colourful Mexican bowl and Avocado Salsa recipe HERE. 

To purchase and download Millie's cookbook, simply click on the link HERE.

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