16 February 2010

BT Has Let Us Down

BT Has Let Us Down

Many apologies for anyone trying to reach us by email at the moment but currently Steenbergs has no internet service at the factory. The website is not down and is still fully functioning and we are able to access orders from a site elsewhere - this service is not affected by BT.

The problem is due to what should have been a simple upgrade service on Sunday which sadly went awry. 48 hours later and BT has currently "forgotten" to book a service engineer (promised yesterday) and so we have been let down again.

We do have the telephone service and faxes are getting through, but we currently have no access to our emails so many apologies if you are expecting an answer. We aren't being dilatory we just haven't received the email.

I seem to remember that when we moved into the factory 3 years ago we ended up having similar issues and ending up being dealt with by the Customer Services Main Board Director's Assistant.

It does seem staggering in the age of technology that these disruptions in service can still occur and with such apparent lack of priority and follow through!

Will keep you informed.

Update 17/2/2010 at 3.15pm:  After two engineers being out here since 8.30am this morning, BT have fixed the faulty transmission equipment at the Melmerby Exchange and Steenbergs is finally reconnected to the ether.