24 June 2020

5 Flavours for Summer

5 Flavours for Summer

Summer hopefully brings with it warmer, longer evenings and the chance to enjoy eating outside. We often tend towards lighter, healthier foods packed with texture and colour and tasting of bright, vibrant flavours. Herbs, spices and extracts are a great way to add aroma, flavour and pungency into a dish and we’ve chosen five that we think epitomise the summer season for sunshine and colour.


Our organic dill herb (sometimes known as dill tips) has an aromatic, fresh herby taste akin to parsley with a hint of anise. It goes particularly well in salads (especially with cucumber) or with fish. Do try out this delicious recipe for Mussel & Samphire Orzo Paella from our friends at Great British Grub, with a liberal sprinkling of dill and parsley on top.



Steenbergs Sumac is one of our few specialist non-organic spices and continues to be one of the most popular. It is a key ingredient in middle-eastern cooking and used on its own, it has the tartness of lemon juice. Its citrusy nature works brilliantly in this flavoured butter from Gourmet Glow to go with Crispy Butterfly Chicken.


Pink Peppercorns

Steenbergs Pink Peppercorns (also known as baie roses) are a small exotic berry traditionally from the Reunion Islands, but now also come from Brazil and Madagascar. The sweet delicate flavour and beautiful colour of the pink peppercorns will enhance any dish and even works wonderfully in a dessert. Do try this delicious, easy to make pudding from Nikibakes that is also vegan and gluten free.


Rose Petals

Rose Petals are a truly versatile ingredient and can be used in all kinds of sweet and savoury cooking or simply just sprinkled for the pleasure and perfume of using them. Our organic petals come from the Damask Rose which is the type used to make rose water and rose oil due to its heady perfume. Try it here in this seasonal Rhubarb and Pear Jam, where it adds a lovely perfume.


Orange Blossom Flower Water

Our organic Orange Blossom Water is a delicate floral extract widely used in Middle Eastern cookery in both sweet and savoury dishes. Often used for flavouring marzipan and madeleines, it’s delicious in homemade ice creams, custards and creams. We’ve used it here in a light, summery salad which goes perfectly with Dukkah encrusted Lamb Chops.