31 January 2018

The Very Best Pancake Recipes

The Very Best Pancake Recipes

With Shrove Tuesday approaching in less than a fortnight, it’s time to think about how to serve up your pancakes this year. Will it be a classic lemon juice and sugar? The child friendly Nutella coated crepe or simply a sprinkling of Steenbergs organic Fairtrade Cinnamon Sugar?

We’re put together a few of our favourite recipes, mostly sweet but some savoury. We’d love to hear about your favourites too so do let us know…

Sweet delights

  1. Fruity Pancakes – a Vegetarian Society recipe from the Yorkshire Post Food & Drink website that uses gram flour, poppy seeds and soya milk for the pancakes before filling with fresh and dried fruit & nuts.
  2. Banana & Cinnamon Drop Scones – adding mashed banana to drop scones makes them instantly healthier – even if sprinkled liberally with cinnamon sugar!
  3. Speedy Vanilla Banana Pancakes – another delicious banana pancake recipe, this time from our lovely friend Niki of website nikibakes. These ones are packed with banana and are gluten and dairy free due to the use of coconut flour and almond milk.
  4. Spiced Apple Pancakes with Date & Walnut – thick, moist pancakes from Jo @includingcake which make a very satisfying brunch. Dairy & gluten free, these little pancakes are made with oats, spelt flour and cinnamon to make them extra tasty.
  5. Chestnut Flour Pancakes and Orange Blossom Coconut Yoghurt – the Hemsley sisters created these gluten free pancakes and still serve them in their Selfridges Café in London.

    download Spiced Apple Pancakes with Date & Walnut by Jo from @includingcake

    HEMSLEYHEMSLEY_CHESTNUT_PANCAKE-1735-455x330 Hemsley & Hemsley Chestnut Pancakes with Orange Blossom Coconut Yoghurt

Savoury Flavours

  1. Savoury Pancakes 2 ways – delicious ideas for savoury pancakes from online cookery school, thedevilledegg.com, spicing up the pancakes with turmeric, chilli & oregano.
  2. Cumin pancakes with spicy chicken, salsa & raita – one of our own recipes here for spicing up the pancakes with ground cumin for a delicious Indian flavour.

cumin pancakes + dip + fork Steenbergs Cumin Pancakes with Spicy Chicken, Salsa & Raita

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