28 February 2022

New recipe collection from Gourmet Glow

New recipe collection from Gourmet Glow

We're so delighted to have teamed up with Suze Morrison from Gourmet Glow for a collection of delicious recipes centred around our organic extracts. Gourmet Glow and Steenbergs have been working together for a few years now and we love Suze's innovative, creative recipes that help people to understand and use interesting and often unusual ingredients. We caught up with Suze recently and asked her a few questions about the influences and inspirations behind her recipes and any top tips she has to pass on...

What are the main inspirations behind your food?

For me, food is more than fuel, it nurtures both the body and soul. So, when I devise my recipes, I take inspiration from dishes I have encountered from other cultures and my childhood, that have brought me joy, and reinvent them. I am constantly aware of creating balance, both through flavour and texture.

This series of recipes has focused on the Steenbergs extracts. What is your favourite Steenberg’s Extract?

Either Almond or Rose. Both are so versatile in both sweet and savoury, the rose combines as well with fruits and chocolate as it does with chilli. The almond adds that irreplaceable kiss of home baking to anything, just like walking into your grandma’s kitchen at Christmas. Equally good in savoury cooking, it adds a nutty depth.

Steenbergs is also famous for its fragrant organic spices. What is your favourite spice?

Black Pepper is so underrated. People add it along with salt without thinking. There are so many types of peppercorns, freshly ground they are as dynamic as any other spice. Sometimes it can overpower a dish too, so don’t add it needlessly alongside salt, it is just as much a spice as chilli or turmeric which you wouldn’t add to everything. Be mindful of your spices, they are a focal point of your dish.

Do you have any top tips for spicing food?

Really question how you want the spices to sing. Do you want to build them from the beginning, adding layers and slow cooking the fragrance through the dish? Or do you want to finish your dish with a fragrant oil, replete with fried whole spices. It’s all about mindfulness when cooking.

What is your favourite meal?

Gosh, that’s so difficult, it would definitely be some kind of Asian food, kissed with chilli, lime and fresh herbs. I do love the freshness of spices and citrus so something combining the two.

We'll be creating recipe cards and sharing the recipes on our website. Here are some of the delights to look forward to over the next few weeks...