18 September 2017

5 Ways with Organic Lemon Extract

5 Ways with Organic Lemon Extract

organic-lemon-extract-60mlSteenbergs Organic Lemon Extract is a sunflower oil based extract with a glorious lemon citrus aroma and flavour.  It has been created particularly for use in home baking but complements everything from desserts through to chicken.

When we asked our spice panel to review and taste test the Lemon Extract, the responses ranged from 'fresher than lemon juice' and 'smells like freshly zested lemon' to 'beautifully tangy' with 'an intense aroma'. The full details can be found on our blog, where you'll find lots of suggestions of how to use it.

Here are a few for you to try at home...

1. Gluten Free Lemon & Almond CaSteenbergs gluten-free lemon drizzleke

This is a delicious moist cake which when we made it recently didn't even last until it was cool! Enjoy with a refreshing cup of Earl Grey

2. Blueberry oat tray bake

A tasty, healthy treat to satisfy the need for a sweet snack. The blueberries can be replaced with raspberries or blackberries depending upon the season and the addition of the tangy lemon extract really helps to accentuate the flavour of the fruit.

3. Lemon BiscuitsSteenbergs lemon biscuits

Cheryl from Madhouse Family Reviews tried these out for us a while ago to rave reviews from her children. She also made some with Steenbergs Organic Orange Extract and combined the flavours to make a St Clements variety.

The addition of the lemon extract gives a lovely chewy texture to the inside of the crunchy biscuit. A real treat topped off with Steenbergs organic Fairtrade Lemon Sugar!

4. raw lemon brownies

Packed full of healthy nuts, seeds and organic fruit, these delicious raw brownies are really easy to make, with the lemon extract giving them a really fresh tang.

cupcakes - sept 125. Steenbergs Special Cupcakes

A take on the classic cupcake, here we have used our natural extracts to create a diverse range of delicious flavoured icings. With no added colouring, just add a little lemon zest on top to highlight the lemony taste.

Further suggestions

  • Lemon and honey are always good for colds so why not try a teaspoon of lemon extract and a heaped teaspoon of honey mixed with boiling water for a warming drink?
  • Add the lemon extract to sparkling water for a refreshing summer drink;
  • Mix in with your oil and vinegar to add zest to your salad dressings;
  • Blend with Steenbergs Herbes de Provence and spread over a whole chicken before roasting.