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Plum Custard slices

Plums are a good source of fibre and make a wonderful compote. I have added a vegetarian jelly to the compote as it has less sugar than a jam.

This recipe uses the compote in layered puff pastry sheets,  originally from France called a mille feuille with my twist on English plums which are in season May through Oct


What to do

  1. Put two pints of milk into a saucepan reserving about half a cup and heat
  2. Add the half cup of milk to the custard powder and whisk into the hot milk
  3. continue whisking till the custard thickens
  4. Turn down the heat and continue to whisk and cook for two minutes
  5. This allows the mixture to cook out and the raw flour taste dissapears
  6. pour into a lined tray
  7. Continue to whisk to avoid "lumpy custard"
  8. Pour into a shallow lined rectangle tray to cool in the fridge
  9. The custard will be cut into rectangles and sandwiched together later
  10. Next make the plum compote
  11. put the plums, sugar and vanilla into a pan, add the water
  12. cook on high till boiling and then simmer till you have very soft fruit
  13. Remove from heat and pour the jelly crystal into the hot mixture
  14. mix well and pour into a bowl to cool down
  15. Next dust a worktop with a little flour
  16. Roll the puff pastry into a large thin rectangle and cut 12 even rectangles out
  17. Place on a lined baking tray and cook for 15 minutes on 200'c
  18. Flip the pastries over and cook for another 5-10 minutes till puffed up and evenly coloured
  19. Cool

To assemble

  1. cut the pastry rectangles widthways so you have a top and bottom
  2. Cut one piece of custard to fit the pastry bottom
  3. you should now have a pastry bottom, slice of custard after
  4. top the custard with a little plum compote
  5. Put the pastry top on
  6. Shake lots of icing sugar over the slices with a shaker or sieve
  7. Eat on a plate as they can be messy, but ever so yummy



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