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Maroma Natural Incense Sticks - Joss Sticks

Description Price Quantity
Amber Incense Sticks x 10 - Joss Sticks Maroma £2.50
Cedarwood Incense Sticks x 10 - Maroma £2.50
Frangipani Incense Sticks x 10 Maroma £2.50
Frankincense Incense sticks x 10 - Maroma £2.50
Frankincense + Myrhh Incense Sticks x 10 Maroma £2.50
Geranium Marigold Incense Sticks x 10 Maroma £2.50
Lemongrass Incense Sticks x 10 Maroma £2.50
Lotus Incense Sticks x 10 - Joss Sticks Maroma £2.50
Myrrh Incense Sticks x 10 - Joss Sticks- Maroma £2.50
Orange Blossom Incense Sticks x 10 Maroma £2.50
Patchouli Incense Sticks x 10 - Joss Sticks Maroma £2.50
Rose Incense Sticks x 10 - Maroma £2.50
Rosewood Incense STicks x 10 - Joss Sticks £2.50
Sandalwood Incense Sticks x 10 - Joss Sticks £2.50
Vanilla Incense Sticks x 10 - Joss Sticks Maroma £2.50
Ylang Ylang Incense Sticks x 10 Maroma £2.50
Maroma Natural Incense Sticks  - Joss Sticks

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Natural incense sticks from Maroma, made in Auroville, India.

Maroma's unparalleled expertise in blending perfectly balanced natural fragrances has been combined with the traditional method of hand rolling each individual stick of incense with natural essential oils. We currently stock 12 different scented incense sticks to choose from. Different scents create different moods and ambience - go on experiment.

Bamboo sticks are rolled into sandalwood powder and bound together with a natural gum resin and then dipped into our Maroma's own fragrances, which have been blended with pure essential oils. The result is a fresh and fragrant breath of unity that enhances the atmosphere and makes the air alive.

At Maroma, business is not done 'as usual', but with an increasing awareness and sensitivity towards the local and global environment, and towards the needs of Auroville

  • Only adults, mostly women, are employed from the local villages.

  • Priorities include: a clean and pleasant work atmosphere, health care facilities, hygiene programs, savings schemes and nutritional snacks among other things.

  • 45% of Maroma's net profits are turned over to the development of Auroville and the surrounding villages.

  • The fragrances of Maroma comply with the guidelines of IFRA.

  • But what matters most is how things are done; the conscious intention behind each and every detail - for, at Maroma, work is their love and a personal way to focus and grow with the visionary aims of Auroville.

    Burn time for each incense stick 45 minutes.

VAT is included in the price shown.

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