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Peony Flowers 6g Edible Culinary

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Peony Flowers 6g Edible Culinary

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Steenbergs Dried Peony Flowers are a beautiful rose pink coloured, natural flower that look great in salads or used in home baking or added as a flourish over fruit salads.  Go on be daring and add some flare to your culinary creations like this Blueberry and Peony Ice Cream - at Steenbergs, we would love to hear from you with what you have come up with when using these little wonders.

Peony Flowers are rose-pink coloured flower from the peony flower, Paeonia spp.  Peonies are a large genus of flowers that are native to Asia, Europe and North America.  Peonies are herbaceous growing to around 1 metre in height (3 ft), with some resembling trees reaching 3m tall (10ft).  Peony plants have comound, deeply lobed leaves and large, blousy and sometimes fragrant flowers, ranging from red to white or yellow.  Peony flowers are a traditional floral symbol in china and is found in flowering teas.  For more on peony, check out Wikipedia as a good starting point.

Steenbergs Peony Flowers form part of Steenbergs' range of culinary dried flowers that are just fabulous for adding that touch of colourful genius to your cooking whether to finish off a pud or spribnkle through a salad.  Steenbergs has a vast range of ingredients, ranging from spices through to herbs, salts to peppers, blends to cover every cooking crisis, bakery flavours, stuffings, teas and then a bunch of brands from other ethical businesses.  For more gen, call us on 01765 640 088 or email to

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